Rick was born and raised in the United States - Alabama to be excact. With his style as a true southern singer, as well as an accomplished dobro and guitar picker, he brings to the European stage, his heritage and love for music. Having won first place in a Southern States competition with his Dobro, he as well brings with him the years of experience of playing concerts with such artist as Hank Williams Jr., Carl Perkins, Barbara Mandrell, Bill Anderson, Jerry Lee Lewis to name just a few.

Rick has always played electric guitar in his Southern rock and country bands. But with time and maturity, it is only natural that he would get back to his roots as a child playing acoustic instruments. "The Dobro changed my mind and life as far as acoustic music is concerned", he says. Americana, country and folk is his real love and passion.

In 2012 his debut album "This Is The Beginning" has been released on the Bernese label Narrenschiff, recorded in Wales "in a setting that is undiscribable", Rick says. "His title song made the «Best of 2012» charts of the Swiss national radio SRF.

Rick hopes that the music scene that he has come to know here in Europe will enjoy this touch of Southern culture.
Rick has never been one to have just sat around. Earning the coveted title of "super dad", he was a police helicopter pilot, a national champion in police pistols competition and along with scuba diving and treasure hunting, his hobbies are just part of what he does. "It's the spice of life", Rick says.

He brought with him his 4-wheeler and big bike and loves to ride. So don't be shy in asking him to join you on a road trip.

Just like a real southern guy, I had my GI Joe ready for land, sea and air.
After having flown fixed wing from 1977 to 1991, I got tired of going to the Air port so I built this Chopper and housed it in my back yard. Ever fly to McDonalds for Lunch?
A bad day of fishing - Beat's a good day at work! Love to fish with my sons,,,
Having always been a gun and shooting enthousiast, shooting this 19th century cap n ball in my back yard was, "A Blast".
My back Yard:
Living the working man Blues!
My life in the construction industry aforded me the memories of many hours on heavy equipment. My son's also enjoyed it!
Accepted into the group of Blue Highway if only for a few hours. This was an interview I did for The Alabama Bluegrass Asso., magazine.
After I had given Jerry a Dobro lesson he and his sweet wife just had to take a picture with me,,,, : ) ,,, This after an interview for our News letter in Alabama. Notice the HALO around my head,
My little panther :-)
First guitar - The stroller was my sister's!,,,Really,,,I mean it,,, Not kidding,,,
13 days before this "my Solo" my Dad passed away. In the other seat was a picture of him, as we both would leave the bonds of this earth if only for a little while together. I miss my Mom and Dad.
Diving in the Bahamas
For around 8 years I represented my Police department in shooting competition.
My Dad - My Hero
Carl Perkins, with my brother "Drummer" and my self after one of our concerts with him.
Jenny C. Riley and my self after a show we played: Such a Lady!
This lil pic brightened up my day at a tough time in my life. Our lil Oreo kitty, my best friend.